All Wednesday, Olympia was a high jump and from that very morning it was jumping for the title of the South Moravian region champions in the disciples’ category and it culminated in the international women’s race when, unfortunately, due to the illness, one of the lovers Ana Simic apologized and the virosis also affected our best multiboy and tenth from MS Eliska Klucinova and finally eleven elephants from eight countries of the world joined Olympia in the field, as Lada Pejchalová, a new acquisition in our group, was introduced to the Brno audience in the best way, when they introduced the Brno city and Jihomoravský kraj (Lada) was rewarded with this best performance of 186 cm in the loaded field of the field and won the excellent 3rd place when this performance catapulted it into the first thirty of the world’s running tables. For me as a coach, it was a very important moment when, after two failed attempts, we left our last attempt at a height of 190 cm and Lada certainly showed that this height will not be a problem soon. Our second representative was the youngest participant in the history of Brno lace and one of the very good group of pupils Luca Šarafínová, who after a 161cm morning personality and overall victory in the South Moravian region won from me as a coach an extraordinary opportunity to jump as a “frontman” with the world elite has certainly shown its inner strength that, together with its colleagues in the group, it can be very high in the optimal development and overcoming of the crisis years.
The top of the evening was provided by two favorites and the most experienced highs in the starting field when they transfered across the 190cm world height as the only one, so at a height of 192cm driven Olympia Marija Vukovic from Montenegro and Naďa Dusan from Uzbekistan. The very lightly crushed attempts of today’s Vukovic have been put on track, so 190cm was her best performance this year, when Naďa Dušanová, in a really cool bounce, showed a wonderful second attempt to the fantastic Brno audience and with great reserve transferred to her best performance this year, 23th year of the Brno Bar. The next successive height was 195 centimeters and, by overcoming this height, would ensure participation in the world championship. Today this height resisted and certainly its attempts were not hopeless, so Nada shone with happiness and evaluated the Brno bar too positively and promised to participate in the next year.

And how was the morning program? Lucce Šarafínová, a senior pupil, has already been written, and her training colleague Klárka Klementová was very well managed by 2004, when she surpassed with a great reserve of 158 cm and will surely exceed 160 cm during several races. The younger pupils today won Vendula Zemcikova with 147 cm and won the title of champion of the region. In the older game, the title of champion of the region between the domestic teams Radim Mleček and Jakub Kopeček fought hard. Today it was better for Radim, who won the 178 cm performance, when Jakub got to 172 cm today and the sum of the performances from Hustopeče and Brno was one centimeter better for Radim.

23th edition of the Brno Lace is today, and certainly this oldest summit meeting in the Czech Republic has once again shown that it is one of the best in the world and that we can already look forward to the next year when I am thinking hard about the celebration of the quarter of the Brno Bar, to take place in the Olympic Year, and I will do my best to be personally present at the Tokyo high-level sector.