Brněnská laťka OLYMPIA 2020


Brněnská laťka OLYMPIA 2020



Brno, Kovalovice 206, PSČ 664 06
IČ: 25587137
DIČ: CZ25587137
Spisová značka: C 36135 vedená u rejstříkového soudu v Brně


Brno, Kovalovice 206, PSČ 664 06
IČO: 44995199
DIČ: není plátce DPH
registrace u MV: VSC/1-17706/93-R

Brněnská laťka OLYMPIA 2020


shopping center Olympia Brno

by the highway towards Bratislava; from the shopping center Vaňkovka (Center of Brno) runs free of charge bus

Brněnská laťka OLYMPIA 2020


Race director

Ctibor Nezdařil

Technic director

Jan Pokorný

Cheif referee

Jindřích Šálek


only foreign and Czech athletes invited by the organizer will start in the international women’s competition.

In the pre-program competitions, the athletes selected by the organizer, based on their application sent at the e-mail: [email protected] not later than 5.2.2019.

The pupils of elementary schools and teams who will be enrolled till 5.2.2019 by e-mail: [email protected] will start in the competition. One school can enter a maximum of four pupils in one category (the maximum number of pupils per school is twenty)

The race of the youth athletes will be declared by the sum of the performances from Hustopečského skákání and the Brněnská laťka as the South Moravian region’s high jumping championship.

Primary high

younger boys 114 cm
younger girls 112 cm
Men’s race “B” 154 cm
older boys 124 cm
older girls 117 cm

International women’s race – primary high will be determined on the race day

Increases in each category will be 5 cm until the five athletes stays in the competition and then rises 3 cm

Dressing room

will be in the provisional premises of the shopping center and will serve only for the over dressing of competitors. The organizer is not responsible for belongings.

Race office

will be open in the shopping center from 8:00

Technical conditions

the surface is covered with an synthetic surface, so it is absolutely necessary to stay in the jumping sector if using spikes. In all categories, athletes will be awarded.

It is strictly forbidden to walk outside the sector in spikes.

The local organizing committee if looking forward to You

Ctibor Nezdařil
race director